Rehabilitation techniques

At the ASC Physiotherapy professional studio our team provides a wide range of skills and specialisms and these are the most important physiotherapy techniques and treatments that we offer. Each treatment will be accompanied by a descriptive and detailed information sheet by clicking on the items at the bottom of the page. The purposes of the proposed treatments may be summarized as follows:

Relieving and eliminating pain and other symptoms and distress

These are the techniques that are applied in the most acute and severe conditions in order to anticipate as much as possible the beneficial and relief action; at the same time, the early therapeutic intervention allows to prevent the rapid static-dynamic structuring and tissue damages.

Normalization of the neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctional and symptomatic structures

In the cases of limitations of joint mobility or muscle strengths and excursions balance , treatments are performed which aim to recover coordination and efficacy in the muscle activity, to recover the neural conductivity and blood and lymph circulation efficacy, to recover the correct distribution of the multisegmentary mobility and restore sufficient motor and functional physiological synergies.

Functional rehabilitation

It refers to those techniques which allow the patient to recover the everyday normal functionality and to return to normal functioning in daily activities.

The McKenzie method

It is a method of diagnosis and treatment of the neck and back pains developed by Robin McKenzie. Today, the effectiveness of this method is recognized world wide.

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Kinetic Control

Dynamic stability and muscle balance in the resolution of the movement dysfunction

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Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a combination of circular, rotating and oval movements. This technique consists of a very gentle pressure applied to the skin respecting both the lymph flow direction towards the lymph nodes throughout the body and the pressure in the various maneuvers specific for each patient and the tissue characteristics.

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The Neurodynamic Techniques

Neurodynamics is a mobilization and pain control technique that acts directly on the nerves of the body.

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Global Active Stretching

The principles of Global Active Stretching originate from Global Postural Re-education and is intended to the subjects who want to improve also sports performances.

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The principles of osteopathy can be identified as follows. The human subject is a combination of 3 elements: mind, body and spirit.

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The kinesiotaping is an elastic strip that is applied on the skin according to certain rules to exert a therapeutic effect.

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Global postural Re-education

Global postural re-education is a therapeutic method developed by P.E. Souchard, following F. Mèzières’ intuitions, that aims to restore a “homeostasis” condition of the body and to remove the compensation by correcting the body morphology.

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Rehabilitation of the shoulder

The main objectives of the re-education of the shoulder are the pain control, the recovery of the muscle strength motion, of the proprioception, that is of a certain sensibility, partly unnoticed and partly noticed by consciousness, that allows us to properly control the arm strength and coordination.

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Knee Re-education

Knee re-education has the main goals of recovering the knee range of motion, the muscle strength, the proprioception, ie the capacity to control properly the strength and the balance.

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