Terapia Manuale Ortopedica

La Terapia Manuale Ortopedica (OMT) è una specializzazione della fisioterapia per il trattamento delle patologie neuro-muscolo-scheletriche, basata sul ragionamento clinico, e che utilizza tecniche manuali e gli esercizi terapeutici.

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La Tecar, Transfer Energy Capacitive And Resistive, è un trattamento fisioterapico per la cura e riabilitazione di diverse disfunzioni corporee, che utilizza onde elettromagnetiche e la risposta delle stesse al momento del loro attraversamento nell’organismo umano.

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Rehabilitation of the shoulder

The main objectives of the re-education of the shoulder are the pain control, the recovery of the muscle strength motion, of the proprioception, that is of a certain sensibility, partly unnoticed and partly noticed by consciousness, that allows us to properly control the arm strength and coordination

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The McKenzie method

It is a method of diagnosis and treatment of the neck and back pains developed by Robin McKenzie. Today, the effectiveness of this method is recognized worldwide.

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“Osteophaty is a science and an art of health, which is based on the search for imbalances and mobility reduction in the various parts of the body and on their normalization with specific manual techniques.”

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Manuale lymphatic drainage

According to A. Vodder, manual lymphatic drainage is a particular massage technique that has primarily a draining action on the tissues.

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Knee Re-education

Various pathologies involve the knee joint and they can be divided into a few groups: pathologies caused by traumas such as sprains, dislocations, fractures...

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Global postural Re-education

Global postural re-education is a therapeutic method developed by P.E. Souchard, following F. Mèzières’ intuitions, that aims to restore a “homeostasis” condition of the body and to remove the compensation by correcting the body morphology.

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The kinesiotaping is an elastic strip that is applied on the skin according to certain rules to exert a therapeutic effect.

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